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Zippo Premium Lighter Fluid

Zippo Premium Lighter Fluid

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Zippo Premium Lighter Fluid is recognized internationally as the gold standard for ensuring optimal performance in Zippo windproof lighters and Zippo Hand Warmers. This distinguished fluid is synonymous with reliability and peak efficiency.

Available in a convenient can, Zippo Premium Lighter Fluid ensures your devices are always ready for action, making it a must-have for every outdoor enthusiast, adventurer, and urban dweller.

  • Precision-engineered for Zippo products.
  • Ensures consistent and efficient ignition.
  • Prolongs the lifespan of your Zippo devices.
  • Crafted to reduce odors and aftertaste.
  • Ideal for both Zippo windproof lighters and Zippo Hand Warmers.
  • Easy-pour design minimizes wastage and spillage.
  • Trusted by generations for its unwavering quality.
  • Weight: 4.5 and 12 fl. oz.
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